Audeca secures its establishment as a landscaping service company through contracts with municipalities and other agencies where design, implementation and conservation works are carried out. This activity together with waste management, street cleaning, infrastructure maintenance and conservation, complete the obvious vocation of Audeca as a service company. At present these kinds of services are accomplished with water supply operations and other infrastructure.

It maintains its position as a company involved in the preservation of the environment through improvement works of natural spaces, plantations, sealing of garbage dumps, landscape integration, regeneration of the coastline, creation of rural infrastructure, etc. Another of its main activities is the defence and protection of river banks, works carried out in waterways, the objective of which is environmental conditioning and recovery thereof.

In addition, it carried out the environmental restoration of thousands of hectares in recent years. Reforestation and silviculture treatments which improve the state of health of the forest and prevent the risk of forest fires. Many of these actions are located within protected natural spaces and therefore, involve greater complexity in implementation.

Carrying out civil engineering works of a large magnitude is a challenge which Audeca achieved throughout its trajectory, undertaking numerous jobs aimed at improving road infrastructure, land consolidation, construction of dykes for hydrological corrections, protecting [river] banks and executing all types of structures such as bridges and walkways.