Infrastructure preservation

Ever since it was founded in 1990, Audeca has led the way in infrastructure preservation, with a particular specialisation in end-to-end highway maintenance underpinned by more than 20 years' experience as a pioneer in this field. The company currently maintains over 2,500 kilometres of highways for various public administrations including the Ministry of Public Works and the regional governments of Galicia, Madrid and Andalusia.

Audeca can call on the services of expert staff, engineers, technicians and operatives specialising in preservation who receive specialised training in health and safety, quality and environmental conservation on a regular basis.

It also has an extensive pool of state-of-the-art machinery comprising more than 70 heavy-duty lorries (fully-equipped snowploughs), self-propelled sweepers, civil works equipment and small auxiliary machinery.

To deal with this wide range of challenges, Audeca has a workforce regarded as the company's greatest asset. They are professionals who understand perfectly the pivotal role of the infrastructure provided by Public Administrations to the people they serve.