Zero accidents goal


Zero accidents goal

Audeca, an Elecnor Group subsidiary, committed to the objective of zero accidents 

Elecnor prioritises occupational safety through the prevention of accidents

Commitment to the health and safety of its employees, has been a priority for the Elecnor Group since its beginnings. Along these lines, the Group is working towards the objective of zero accidents, zero tolerance of non-compliance with preventive measures and the continuous promotion of safe behaviour among employees. 

This commitment has been formalised in the Group’s Integrated Management System, which covers aspects of the environment, quality, health and safety, energy management, R&D&I management, information security and risk management. These seven driving forces make up the Integrated Management System Policy of the Elecnor Group, each with its own specific objectives and strategies, but all with the same mission: the continuous improvement of the organisation.

Security, health and pro-active risk prevention in the workplace

In terms of health and safety, the guiding principles reflected in the Integrated Management System Policy are as follows:

  • Supplying the necessary material resources.
  • Emphasis on training in prevention techniques.
  • Development of awareness campaigns for the whole Group.
  • Ongoing on-site inspections and audits, and adoption of suitable corrective measures, to correct the source of the shortcomings.

Health and safety management at the Elecnor Group is conducted with the conviction of minimising or eliminating the main risk that may arise as a consequence of the development of a project: an accident. A risk that is mainly linked to work at height, electrical hazards, handling large loads, confined spaces, etc. Furthermore, the risk of road accidents is representative due to the great number of vehicles permanently on the move.

In 2022, 28 internal audits were conducted in Spain in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 45001 Standard for Management Systems for Health and Safety in the Workplace. In relation to external audits, these were conducted for Elecnor and the subsidiaries covered by the Multi-site Certification: Elecnor Servicios y Proyectos, Adhorna, Atersa, Deimos Space, Deimos Engineering, Ehisa, Elecnor Infrastructure, Elecnor Seguridad and Jomar Seguridad, and all achieved satisfactory results. Likewise, Audeca and Enerfín, which are certified independently, also attained a satisfactory result in their audits.