Audeca, a subsidiary of the Elecnor Group, committed to fighting corruption


Audeca, a subsidiary of the Elecnor Group, committed to fighting corruption

Audeca, a subsidiary of the Elecnor Group, committed to fighting corruption

Since the Elecnor Group was founded in 1958, all its employees and companies have been committed to carrying out their activities according to the most demanding ethical principles and in accordance with the laws in force in the territories in which the Group operates. Compliance with human rights, combatting corruption and respecting the environment are just some of the pillars on which all Elecnor Group members' activities are based.

For any company that is part of the Elecnor Group—including Audeca—this commitment is not an option. That is why the Group honours its commitment to zero tolerance towards malpractice in matters of ethics and integrity. Its workers and all associated persons are also expected to conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the principles of the Elecnor Ethical Code and Compliance Policy. These documents state the following:

  • The organisation's staff or related persons may not engage in unethical practices that may lead to a lack of impartiality, transparency and righteousness in the decisions taken by any public official, authority or anyone who exercises a public function, as well as by any other persons external to the organisation.
  • Among practices considered as unethical are offering or promising gifts, favours or rewards of any kind, or giving preferential treatment in any situation, following a personal relationship with a person (public official, authority or anyone outside Elecnor), who may have influence in a decision that can directly or indirectly generate an economic gain for Elecnor or for a third party 
  • Any person comprising part of the organisation or associated with the company may not request, receive, accept, promise to grant or offer any third party unfair advantage or benefit, either for them or for third parties, in exchange for unfairly benefitting other persons or themselves over others at the time of purchase or sale of goods, any other commercial relationship or the provision of services.
  • Whether unethical activities take place outside the hours or place of work, are carried out in Spanish territory or another country, or whether they are individually financed, has no relevance as to whether or not the act is to be considered a crime.

Anti-corruption certification

The Elecnor Group, parent company of Audeca, uses its Compliance System as its main anti-corruption and anti-bribery tool. In January 2018, Elecnor became the first Spanish company in its sector to obtain certification under the UNE-ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems standard. This is the leading internationally certified standard and the most stringent in establishing compliance management systems to fight corruption. This achievement recognises the Elecnor Group's commitment to the fight against corruption and its continuous improvement to become a national and international benchmark in the field of compliance.

A year later, Elecnor also received the UNE 19601 Management System for Criminal Compliance certification, considered the main standard in Spain for designing and coordinating crime prevention and criminal risk systems.

Fully transparent communication

All those working within the Elecnor Group are obliged to report all irregular practices or potential crimes that may come to light or be witnessed. Elecnor has a procedure for this eventuality that allows all its employees to confidentially communicate, without fear of reprisals, any conduct that is not in line with the Code of Ethics, the policies and procedures that expand on it, or with the law. 

This procedure can also be used by employees when raising questions or suggesting improvements to Elecnor's internal control system. These communications can be sent by email ( and by post (Apartado de Correos nº 266-48080).