Restoration of structures

Rehabilitation of structures

In recent years, Audeca has specialized in carrying out structural rehabilitation work for public administrations. The works include actions such as:
  • Improvement of foundations, through techniques such as Jet-Grouting, consolidation injections, execution of piles and micropiles, etc.
  • Improvement of surface elements of structures by means of drainage or hydro-sanitary works and localised reconstructions.
  • Adaptation of containment systems by preparing the structure to support these containment systems through the construction of solidary tying beams with a deck prior to hydrodemolition of connections by means of pins...and the subsequent placement of containment systems, whether metallic or concrete.
  • Lifting of bridge decks to change the support systems or to carry out the raising of abutments.
  • Waterproofing of both deck structures and unseen surfaces using all kinds of techniques (bituminous products, asphalt sheets, polyureas...), anti-carbonation concrete protection work, etc.