Forestry actions

Forestry actions

Audeca has experience in treating more than 20,000 hectares. These activities are necessary for sustaining forested areas and ecosystems degraded by climate change, livestock, extensive farming and burning of pastures or fires.

The main actions undertaken for the conservation of forested areas are: plantation, manual and mechanised clearing, thinning and clearing with timber removal, pruning and trimming, stumping, removal of plant debris, etc.

One of the main objectives sought with silvicultural treatments is the prevention of forest fires. Therefore, actions complementary to those mentioned previously include: Opening and maintenance of firewalls and auxiliary belts, forest trails and paths, construction of tracks and storage areas, etc.

Audeca reforested thousands of hectares in recent years seeking the restoration of ecosystems and creating natural wealth for future generations.

It has constructed rural infrastructure, generally for livestock commonly used in public forests. This type of work improves the economy in rural areas and contributes to its comprehensive development. Among the main works carried out is the construction of sheds, folds and mountain shelters, repair of pens and fences for livestock, cleaning springs, fountains and wells, rehabilitation of windmills, creation of leisure areas, parking, etc.